Areas in which we support companies


Accounting & Management Counseling

We provide our clients with timely accounting so that we can issue a management report that allows for the future planning of the company. Thus, we proceed to the monthly collection of documents at the client, or alternatively, we carry out all the accounting and tax procedures at the headquarters of their company, and send the responsible entity a report with the main financial elements. We analyze the needs of each specific situation so that we can define the application of cost centers or the use of analytical accounting.


We have a team that will provide you with all the fiscal support necessary for the management planning in your company. With rigor and clarity we make known all the fiscal requirements, deadlines, taxes so as to know everything that the fiscal year can bring you.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

We prepare the monthly processing of wages, issuing receipts and wages charts.
We deliver payment guides for the respective taxes and annual returns. According to your needs, we can carry out the human resources management of your company without interfering with accounting.
Positions and salaries

Positions and salaries

Definition of salaries and positions of a company. This is the HR area in charge of researching salary averages and their suitability for the market. In addition, it develops career plans and dialogues with employees about their goals and growth within the organization.
Recruitment and selection

Recruitment and selection

It performs one of the most important functions of HR: hiring employees. This area is responsible for the entire recruitment and selection process, including choosing methods to advertise vacancies, managing the selection process and integrating new employees into the company.


Manages the application of benefits to employees. It is responsible for rights such as transportation vouchers, medical assistance and vacations as well as for guaranteeing the payment of salaries.

Projects and Investments

We prepare your application for government support and assist in the preparation of business plans, necessary for obtaining bank credit.
Investment Funds30%
Bank loans45%

Support for New Companies and Registration of Activities

We support and accompany the creation of new companies so that you always feel accompanied in the whole process. We carry out the activity in finance and social security.
- Business Idea
- Analyze the market
- Business plan
- Choosing the right team
- Decide the legal form
- Financing
- Set the location
- Choose accounting
- Start the activity
Make sure that all details are ready to start the practical activity of your company, such as receiving customers at your premises, defining human resources, finalizing communication structures (phones, emails and the like) and outlining all the objectives to be achieved, as well as as the deadlines to meet.