Cláudia Azevedo
Cláudia AzevedoFounder & CEO


Message from the CEO

Accounting Advantage is dedicated to the provision of services in the areas of Management & Accounting
In an increasingly global, dynamic, and ever-changing market, Accounting Advantage aims to be your business partner by developing a set of services that fit the needs of each business.
The strength of Accounting Advantage is based on the personalized action that we direct to each client, building a strong image and of projection in the business market that surrounds us.


Our Objectives and Values

Our identity as a company is the result of a strong philosophy of values with a position that promotes trust.


Our vision of the future

We believe that the future depends on the development of strong partnerships and structured relationships of trust. Adding the application of digital solutions that facilitate both processes and communication and proximity to our customers.
We have Partners that allow a wide range of solutions,
Digital Transformation
We help you choose the best digital solutions.

The best choice

Why choose us?

Our experience together with our strict quality control provides our customers with a high degree of confidence and tranquility.
Finance is a specialized branch of Economics, containing aspects of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, also known as the science of money management.

Portal das Finanças:

Social Security is a system that aims to ensure basic citizens' rights and equal opportunities.

SERVICES SIMPLIFIED BUSINESS INFORMATION. Areas of interest. Justice ministry. Ministry of Finance and Public Administration.

Regulatory entity of the profession of Certified Accountant, has as Chairman Paula Franco.

IAPMEI, I.P. - Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation.


Brands we work with

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